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Care Instructions


Taking care of your LOSANGE art pieces will assist you to maintain its beauty. This guide will take you through a couple of straightforward tips to protect your adornments. With care and consideration, your art pieces will be as exceptional tomorrow as today is.

    Wear your jewelry on last, after your makeup, creams or scents for the ideal final details to your look.
    Jewelry can be fragile when lifting or carry in heavy items, keep your jewelry away if others can’t do it for you.
    Your valuable and elaborate stones will remain wonderful as long as you protect them from intense warm shocks.
    Use a very soft brush soaked in soapy water to keep the jewelry shiny, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. However, more careful attention be paid to jewelry made from pearls, emeralds or fabric.
    Necklaces and bracelets can be worn immediately by storing them flat and keeping them apart from each other. At the time of purchase, all LOSANGE jewelry is packed in a protective box. In between wearing, it is advisable to store the jewelry in its original packaging or in another properly lined box or pouch.
    • ONYX
      Onyx is a mineral chalcedony with a high hardness and a straight color band. It is light stable, but the color is sensitive to thermal changes.
      A diamond can scratch metal, precious stones and even other diamonds. We recommend you avoid any friction between your pieces.
      A diamond can be cleaned with soap or grease remover diluted in water and rinsed in clear hot water. To dry your diamond, gently rub it with a non-lint cloth: this will restore its original radiance. If any impurities remain, it is possible to immerse the diamond in boiling water containing a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
      We recommend that you have your jeweler inspect your diamond at least once every two years and anytime you have a doubt about its condition.
      Your setting, whether gold or platinum, can be damaged by the many small shocks that occur when you wear it. We recommend keeping this in mind and remove your jewelry when engaged in an activity that may damage or wear it down. Stones are most likely to scratch the settings: it is preferable to wear your rings in such a way that the stones and metal do not rub together, and to store your jewelry individually in separate cases. Gold and platinum can be cleaned in soapy water.
      When dull or scratched, gold and platinum jewelry can be re-polished to restore its original sparkle. A new coat of rhodium must also be applied to white gold to restore its color and shine.
      The shell mother-of-pearl chosen by LOSANGE is known for its dazzling brilliance and delicate iridescent reflections. We recommend avoiding contact with water to prevent any damage to your creation. Mother of pearl can be delicately cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. As mother of pearl is a naturally soft substance, it is susceptible to small scratches on its surface.
    • PEARLS
      Cultured pearls are living organisms that naturally revitalize in the open air. Although relatively resistant to shocks, they need special attention due to their sensitive porous surface. This means avoiding contact between pearls and chemicals, detergents or beauty products such as cosmetics and fragrances.
      It is recommended to frequently clean pearls by gently wiping them with a soft cloth and by putting them away separately in their designated case.
      Natural inclusions make the emerald a fragile stone that is very sensitive to shocks, so it requires special attention. Unlike other precious stones, it may require specific care.
      It is recommended to avoid exposing the stone to the sun’s rays, intense heat, and sudden changes in temperature. Avoid any contact with chemicals such as detergents.
      Lapis lazuli, which can be identified by its dark color, is an azure metamorphic stone. Rocks are light resistant, but sensitive to water, and intense heat can result in a greenish color or complete loss of color.
      This is an opaque mineral with a shade between blue and green, with a very unique pale blue stripe pattern. This gem is sensitive to water and heat, both of which can damage the surface.
      Carnelian is sensitive to temperature changes and varies between red and brown. It is also a variety of iron-colored mineral chalcedony.
      Malachite is a soft stone distinguished by its green color streaked with harmonious light and dark lines. Over time, this stone evolves naturally and may develop a matte surface, which emphasizes its unique character. As malachite is a naturally delicate stone, small scratches may appear on its surface. We recommend avoiding all contact with water, as this could alter its brilliance.



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